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"Eco-Friendly" T-Shirt

"Eco-Friendly" T-Shirt

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Much more than a simple T-shirt, with the "My t-shirt is ecofriendly" print this product tells an important message!

The modeling with attention to the smallest details makes this t-shirt perfect on every body type, from the slimmest to the most curvy.

The eco-friendly organic cotton fabric is soft and supportive.

The double collar, the oversized fit, but with a feminine cut, make this t-shirt and your look perfect!

You can wear it on jeans, under a jacket, on a mini, on a tracksuit... but these are just a few ideas... I'm sure you'll be able to amaze me!

By purchasing this t-shirt, you will be part of a movement of social and environmental revolution!

What are you waiting for? Become a #LittleMermaid too! 

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