VieL bases its foundations on solid pillars: Made in Italy, eco-sustainability, inclusiveness and woman empowerment!

VieL was born in 2018, from Veronica's desire to create swimsuits with a perfect fit that enhance the figure, dissatisfied with all the bikinis she found on the market.

The modeling is taken care of down to the smallest detail in our Campania tailoring workshop , where Veronica and our seamstresses create 100% Made in Italy products.

All fabrics are chosen with care and attention to the environment: recycled, organic and natural fibers give added value to each VieL garment.

Veronica dedicates her commitment to supporting social and environmental issues , her greatest desire is to ensure that the success of the brand can also help those who need it most.

The heart of the brand.

HI! I'm Veronica, born in '94 and I'm a stylist and founder of VieL.

This is how I define myself: dreamer and lover of life . I never waste a second of my day, I love traveling and the smiles of the people I meet, even at home.

​Nature is my first source of inspiration, it is from here that my collections are born. This is why the great sense of protection towards the environment.

As a child I followed in the footsteps of my stylist mother, I designed and created clothes for my little dolls, I organized fashion shows in the nursery bathrooms (as absurd as it was true!) and I dreamed of running my own company, creating my own corner fashionable in the world.

As an older adult, during my high school years, dissatisfied with the fit of the swimsuits I found on the market, I started sewing them myself, studying and experimenting with a method to obtain the perfect fit to enhance my figure without constricting and creating “flaws” on my body.

From there the dream was clear, but not having the financial means and work experience, I decided to keep it in the drawer.

After graduating in Fashion Design, I started working for fashion companies in Campania, so I could put aside some savings and "learn the trade", without ever stopping believing in my dream.

On a trip to Bali, surrounded by nature, I felt the extreme need to take back those perfect-fitting bikinis from my high school years and bring them to life through my brand!

Scared of taking this big step, the great moral support of my partner, my family, and my friends helped me decide to believe in this project and found VieL.

From here, I'm writing the story with you...