Since we realized that our Community could help us support social causes , we did not hesitate to create a project dedicated to supporting those who need it most.

Since 2020, every December, our iconic recycled polyester scarf is the protagonist of this project.

VieL x FoodforSoul December 2020

VieL x Santobono Pausilipon Foundation December 2021

We spent a wonderful afternoon together with smiles and laughter, becoming real models and posing with our scarves for a fun shooting that acted as a campaign for the online launch of the scarf.

VieL x Dire December 2022

Alongside women, always and every day.

We supported the "Autonomy Project" created by Dire, which works to support women, victims of abuse and violence, to return to life.

Thanks to the Arcidonna anti-violence center in Naples , we organized an event inviting our community to a talk with the president Rosa di Matteo and the centre's psychologists. A wonderful moment of comparison and sharing.

The iconic Giraffa VieL print, this time was represented in black, to give light to the butterflies with which we wanted to symbolize freedom .