Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion: perché scegliere VieL?

Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion: why choose VieL?

Hello Mermaids! 

Here we are at our first Coffee Break . Today I will talk to you about a topic that is very close to my heart and that I feel the duty to share with you, because in my small way , with my brand, we are contributing to change for the better the world. It seems incredible, but every time you choose a Viel Eco bikini , you are giving a gift to the environment by choosing a Slow Fashion item made of fabric with recycled and eco-friendly yarn. Probably at this moment, reading, you are thinking that there are many big words that are difficult and distant from your way of conceiving life and shopping. Don't panic: with simplicity and genuineness I will clarify any doubts in a few words! 

Why choose a Slow Fashion brand?

Our life has become increasingly frenetic: everything is fast , from the meals we eat in a hurry, to the way we search for any information on our inseparable smartphone. Even fashion has become fast : with a simple click we often risk damaging both ourselves and the environment by purchasing bikinis that cost less than an aperitif and throwing them away after less than a month of beach holidays. Buying Fast Fashion items  we choose cheap products, but at the same time made with polluting, unsustainable, poor quality and harmful materials for both the health of the environment and that of the consumer. Instead choose a Slow Fashion brand means safeguarding the planet and our skin, but also the working conditions of employees. VieL bikinis last over time because they are of high quality, production is limited and the fabrics chosen are eco-sustainable,  i.e. with low environmental impact. With a simple gesture, by consciously choosing, we can really make a difference and make the world a better place. 

Behind my brand there is not only a story of passion and dreams , but also a great desire to change the usual way of conceiving fashion and shopping of all of us Little Mermaids. 

I'll leave you now, my cup of coffee is finished. I look forward to seeing you at the next appointment and don't forget to write to me in the comments below, what you think! 

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