Come fare una vacanza sostenibile

How to have a sustainable holiday

Dear Little Mermaids , here we are back to our beloved Coffee Break . 

The launch of the new vibrant, colorful and energetic Pachamama collection, combined with the beautiful sunny almost spring days, thrilled me and inspired me to look for the next destination for my summer holidays. From alternative destinations away from the usual tourist traps to green accommodation, from ecological transport, to the rediscovery of the typical cuisine of the places visited, today I want to give you my tips on how to make your more sustainable holiday . Because remember, my dear Little Mermaids, it's not enough to buy a Viel eco-bikini and not use plastic, you also need to practice responsible tourism! 

The real goal is the journey, not the destination

As a wise old man said, the real goal is not the destination, but the journey made to reach it. Tourism is becoming increasingly responsible and sustainable, as also demonstrated by Booking. Many travelers prefer the train to the plane, despite the greater use of time, and opt for car sharing instead of taxis. These are some sustainable choices that can be made to have less impact on the environment.

Great appeal also for road trips not by motorbike but by bicycle and for camper sharing to reduce costs, fuel consumption and share a unique experience for those traveling alone.

Eat and buy local

We Italians love good food and when we choose the destination for our next trip, next to the Viel bikini in our suitcase and the translator app on our smartphone, we immediately read up on the local cuisine we will taste. 

A sustainable choice is to prefer farms, agritourisms, typical local dishes, to the classic American fast food and junk food, for our holiday lunches and dinners! Also watch out for waste: no to plastic bottles, yes to the water bottle to carry in your suitcase and don't forget that it is a good habit to recycle waste even on holiday. Another tip is not to get lost in shopping for crude souvenirs, but to rediscover local craftsmanship.

Alternative destinations far from mass tourism

The world is full of wonderful little-known and little-sponsored places that deserve to be visited. There are many Green Destinations for those looking for a sustainable destination in the true sense of the word: Tivat in Montenegro, Futaleufu in Chile, Niue in New Zealand or if you want to stay in Italy, how can we not mention the Costa Rei in Sardinia or the eco-beaches in Emilia Romagna . 

And you, Little Mermaids, where are you spending your holidays this year?

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