5 destinazioni paradisiache dove andare almeno una volta nella vita

5 heavenly destinations to go to at least once in your life

Sun, Sea, Sand : three words for a million emotions. Dearest Little Mermaids , the beloved summer , my favorite season, is finally arriving! While sipping my coffee I was thinking about who knows what my holiday destination will be this year. Definitely a seaside destination. I was fantasizing about my idea of ​​a dream holiday which is very similar to my idea of ​​Paradise : tropical beach, crystal clear sea, lush and uncontaminated nature, fine white sand... but above all quiet and relaxation for a satisfying experience for the body and for mind. Taking a trip like this is truly my dream! I want to share with you the 5 paradise destinations of my desires! Are you curious? All you have to do is continue reading!

Aruba, Caribbean Sea

Hospitality, friendliness and sun for 365 days. Welcome to Aruba , the famous flamingo island in the Caribbean Sea. Eagle Beach and Palm Beach are considered the two most beautiful beaches in the world! In addition to the sunbathing, the pleasant climate and the water sports, if you are lucky you can also see the birth of sea turtles on these enchanting paradise beaches!

Bali, Indonesia

It is no coincidence that it is known as the Island of the Gods . Despite the tourist boom, Bali retains its authenticity and charm as an uncontaminated place. Tropical forests, white beaches, active volcanoes, brightly colored lakes, but also yoga and meditation to be done strictly at dawn or dusk on one of the countless beaches reported by local guides.

Barbados, Caribbean Sea

A very small island that is part of the Caribbean archipelago of the Lesser Antilles . The perfect destination for those who want to unplug and forget about hectic everyday life in a corner of Paradise on earth. Between sunbathing on a deserted beach and snorkeling on the coral reef, this place offers many unforgettable emotions.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The colors are truly unforgettable in this corner of the earth of immense beauty, not only those of the sea with crystal clear water, but also those of the lush and uncontaminated nature. Don't miss the spectacular sunset on Kendwa beach.

French Polynesia

In the South Pacific there is a small group of volcanic islands considered among the most enchanting and pristine places in the world. Simply a Paradise that deserves to be explored by us Mermaids .

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